Alicia: My Story
"Her name is Alicia. She was thirteen when she began saving the lives of people she did not know-while fleeing the Nazis through war-ravenged Poland"

Alicia My Story Quotes page 126-157 Sarah Cutler

February 19th 2011 in Uncategorized

” My first impulse was to put my arms around this saintly man and kiss him. Because what else but real kindness would motivate this man to take us into his home?” – page 156

This quote is very  important because it shows how one person could make such an impact on someone’s life. There were few people in the Holocaust would help would be willing to put their life in danger for other people. Wijucu showed the greatest act of kindness because he was helping others in real need while risking his life.  

“… You just took her last pocession. Dosn’t that even bother you?”

“I don’t  want to here any more of it.”- page 130

This quote shows how much people thought about the value of Jew’s life. Alicia had one ring left and  her friends brother took it. It was the last thing that Alicia had that she could go back to and remember she was a true human being.


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